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How To: Submit Comments

You are entitled to submit comments on land use applications within the stated comment period if you wish. All written comments should be directed toward the criteria that apply to the request. You must refer to the project number in your written comments.

Written comments may be emailed to the staff reviewer on the project, or mailed to the Bend Planning Division, 710 NW Wall St., Bend, OR 97703. You can also submit printed or handwritten comments in person at the City’s planning desk.

If you would like to submit comments on an application, here’s an email template:

To: [email protected] (planner assigned to file)
Subject: PZ-99-9999 (project or file number/s)


This comment is in reference to PZ-99-9999 (project or file number/s). I oppose/support/have concerns about this application for the following reasons… (your opinion, concerns or comments).

Thank you for your consideration,

Jane Citizen (your name)
123 Awbrey Butte Neighborhood Road
Bend, OR 97703 (your address)
541-555-5555 (your phone number)

Handwritten comments can follow a similar outline.